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What we do and where we do it

Wear & Replacement Parts

Manufacturers of wear & replacement parts for the Earthmoving, Undercarriage, Mining, Cement & Agricultural industries

We'll come to you

LuAv Mining supplies to Middelburg, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape, and Gauteng

Consulting and Procurement

Specializing in consulting and procurement for Railway, Power Generation, Earthmoving and Sugar Industries

Our main focus is Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.), and ensuring you have the correct tools on your buckets

The most important part of any machine is its work tool.  Ground engaging tools have a direct effect on your machine.

Proper selection affects your:

  • Productivity
  • fuel consumption,
  • maintenance costs, and
  • possibly the longevity of your equipment

6 Reasons To Work with LuAv



We pride ourselves in providing the best-in-class quality when it comes to all our products.



Our products are reliable and durable, ensuring an increased lifespan to help tackle your big projects.


Reasonable Price

Our pricing is competitive. We help you find ways to make your money go further.


Free Consultation

We work with you to help identify your needs and what products would best suit your project and requirements.


Professional Service

Our team works efficiently and are specialists in mining equipment procurement. We will not waste your time.


24 / 7 Support

Should you require post-delivery support, our team is available and willing to provide assistance.

A good tool improves the way you work.

A great tool improves the way you think!

Partner with LuAv to take your business to the next level!

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Company Representatives
CEO: Luther Leslie Williamson

GM Technical Sales: Nigel Williamson – KZN Region & Western Cape

GM Technical Sales: Nigel Koopman – Gauteng Region & Northern Cape

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General Sales – 083 633 3332

Reception – 083 296 1288

Accounts – 062 050 7084

KZN & WC Region Sales – 081 430 3774

GP & NC Region Sales – 078 054 3882